I’m not right into endorsing corporates even if they may be a nice tasting beer co, but in the case of Cyclone Gita – which promised so much, yet delivered so little to Sydney and south coast surfers, the Corona catch cry is fittingly apt.

Anyone south of Tweed pretty much wished they were on the Gold Coast.

The leading surf forecasting sites CW and SN had the entire East Coast surfing fraternity pumped on the prospects, and to their credit most of the time both Ben’s get it so right, but in the case of Gita, it was definitely Gold Coast or bust.

Yes there were waves in Newcastle for the Australian Board riders Battle (City Beach Newy peaked in the 6-8ft range when Culburra’s best mullet – Mikey Wright went ballistic in the skins mid-morning on Sunday.) but in Sydney it only got to 6ft max for the late on Sunday, and most of that was Sth swell.)

Anyways this is not a whinge, there were waves right up and down the East Coast, just nothing like what the crew on the Goldie scored. The Perfect Wave’s roving correspondent Andy Potts was on the spot as usual and shared some of the best action with us.

Kirra was the spot to be. Yes it was crowded with Ski’s towing in pro’s, but hey if you battled the sweep and happened to be in the right place at the right time wide of Big Groyne Kirra you could of scored the keg of a lifetime.

Me, I’d rather try my luck in the Mentawai or Maldives,  but hey I’m biased and work for The Perfect Wave…. just saying.