The official recognition acknowledging the relevance and appropriateness of the content of the SGA courses, comes from the Australian Coaching Council accredited Surfing Australia courses, from which the SGA programs have been customized for international use.  Twenty-five years of very successful development is contained in these programs and approaches.

Recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the world governing authority for the sport of surfing, the SGA Surf Coaching & Instructing Educational Program is the international standard for accreditation of Coaches and Instructors in the surfschool industry.

The SGA Coaching & Instructing Program is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and abilities of those individuals who wish to obtain a scientific approach to the Coaching and Instructing of surfing.

The objectives of the SGA Coaching & Instructing Program:

  • To establish an international system of Coaching and Instructing Courses, improving the safety and efficacy of surf instruction around the world.
  • To further develop, through educational programs, a body of knowledge on which Coaches and Instructors may draw.
  • To provide Coaches and Instructors with employment opportunities, encouragement and support.
  • To advance surf Coaching and Instructing as a globally standardized and highly professional activity with stringent requirements.

Over time this program will expand to many other areas of professional development education for our great sport of surfing.  All SGA Coaches and Instructors must abide by the local laws and regulations of the area in which they work. All SGA Instructors must be a minimum of 16 years of age to become an accredited SGA Instructor but must work under supervision of an SGA Instructor over 18 years of age.  An SGA Instructor must be a minimum of 18 years of age to instruct without supervision.